Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Routine Review of Emails, Then There's Spam

At my home office, late afternoon, yesterday (April 11, 2016), I performed my typical e-mail organization routine. How dumb of me! I viewed my spams, and after reviewing a spam email (dated March 22nd), I opened the attached file to read . . . Bitcoin! This is what it said:

All your documents, photos, databases and other important personal files
were encrypted using strong RSA-1024 algorithm with a unique key.
To restore your files you have to pay 0.31003 BTC (bitcoins).
Please follow this manual:

1. Create Bitcoin wallet here:

2. Buy 0.31003 BTC with cash, using search here:

3. Send 0.31003 BTC to this Bitcoin address:

4. Open one of the following links in your browser to download decryptor:

5. Run decryptor to restore your files.

      - If you do not pay in 3 days YOU LOOSE ALL YOUR FILES.
      - Nobody can help you except us.
      - It`s useless to reinstall Windows, update antivirus software, etc.
      - Your files can be decrypted only after you make payment.
      - You can find this manual on your desktop (DECRYPT.txt).
Most malware fixes should be avoided--such as this one. Do not visit the links enclosed, etc. I will discuss further tips after speaking to an IT consultant:

Basic technology explained and my own IT lessons learned . . .

  1. When you notice a malware attack, immediately, stop using your tech device until you use seek IT assistance. My attack, presented a popup with the message that my files had been crypted.
  2. Bitcoin is correct that it is does strip mostly MS Office documents--with mine, it took Word documents, Excel documents, PowerPoint documents, and Adobe documents. The documents still show but have the word "crypted" at the end of the saved file name.
  3. Without connection to my internet, I have tried completing a quick and full scan using an antivirus software. It took a very long time for the scans to complete.
  4. I have an old XP: After reading and hearing many topics of updating tech devices and software (by Google), about two years ago, I stopped saving my family pictures, or important pics, on my desktop. Oh don't get me wrong, I did have some time-consuming documents that I prepared or typed that were crypted such as my Excel files. Ugh! 
  5. When you view topic discussion of the Bitcoin malware, many IT consultant suggest "forget trying to retrieve your crypted documents."
  6. As an old XP lover, I realize that my computer no longer receives security updates from Google, etc.
  7. The lack of Google upgrades could mean no Google product full-function performance usage. XP owners could try another internet or web browser.
  8. I would ordinarily suggest comments to me of how to decrypt and retrieve my crypted documents, but now I am just afraid of even opening my emails. Note to self: Don't open any more spam emails--idiot action performed.
  9. Most of my malware attacks have been emails from my hosted domain and email supplier. So, yes, I scolded them--a paid email-host company supplier. "My free email hosts offer more spam malware checks than they do"!
  10. I want to continue this IT challenge as a family-friendly topic: we all have many family or favorite photo albums, favorite vacation pictures, etc., that we need to consider when saving to a tech device in this modern tech world of ours.
  11. In the past few years, there has been a significant decline of people of color using technology in our country whether it be for personal or business usage. Why?
  12. As a long-standing student of business and a business professional, I will continue to use my baby, my XP, for my social media, preparing business documents, and internet usage at the one and only family-bonding portal until it totally becomes obsolete, or until I have adequately made a budget for, yet another, new tech equipment upgrade.  

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: The Earthly Man Named Jesus

So you may be reading this and aren't too familiar with structured religion.
Who really was Jesus, while on earth? What was it like during his time?

  1. Jesus was born into Judaism: he was a Jew who practiced in the faith. Today, we would identify him as being a Jewish Christian.
  2. Jesus was smart--perhaps, today, he would have been classified a part of the gifted-and-talented. Remember: Only the Catholic and Jewish priests, or formal priests, were allowed to be taught how to read and write.
  3. Jesus was a homeless wanderer.  Most financially challenged people and his followers had no consistent home style. They often slept outside (warm climate). Yet, they knew how to conduct themselves in other people's living quarters.
  4. Jesus was born to fulfill the first promise of the one and true living God.  The second promise has yet to be fulfilled--the ending of the world as we know and the return of Jesus (See Holy Bible, Book of Revelation). It is all about this promise that we participate in Christianity. No humankind knows the day or the hour of Jesus's return--to fulfill the promise--yet, we must tell others and generational family member sets about the coming of the Lord (Jesus). Will generations of the future know the sound-like of a trumpet, if all music is taken out of our communities and public schools?
  5. During the times of God's chosen people, the Jews, the 12 tribes of Israel, the Jewish people were killing soo many people. At the Valley of Jehosophat and at Calvary and at the area perfectly named the area of Skulls, hundreds of people, daily, were put to death on a Jewish-inspired cross for some reason (sin) or another. There were so many crosses and dead bodies in the described areas that people could hardly walk in a single pathway.  Jesus, the human man, was no different. He did something wrong in the land where you could do no sinful acts. "You can't do this; you can't do that--"
  6. It wasn't just about the financially "poor" that Jesus consistently said [to all social economic classes and diverse people] "Come unto me, all ye that labor (work in some kind), and (if you are) heavy laden, and I will give you rest." --Holy Bible, Book of Matthew 11:28
  7. The Romans and/or white people used to refer to themselves as apes in a negative way "you ape."
  8. Then there was also Atila the Hun.
  9. Serf board was not Beyonce's song but a board of people who were bound to the land for life--including their offspring upon generation upon generation.  They weren't allowed to own land, or any type of property. Said individuals could not marry unless given permission from the person who owned them.  A serf was not defined as person who was a slave. A serf was also exempt from serving in the military.
  10. Only people of the noble family could wear fur, or have fur on their garments. 
  11. If you were not a part of the traditional denominations or religious sects, you were kindly identified as a secular priest. Secular priests were believed to not have the same religious power to provide assistance to people or their church members.
  12. The best church services, back in the day, were held in caves--whether preached by traditional or secular priests. Many preachers were forbidden to even have a temple or church; or an actual religious building.

Don't forget the promise . . . Tell it upon generation upon generation.

So that they will know, on that one day, when a man named Jesus, our Lord, will come and the Resurrection will take place . . . Ah men (Amen pronounced correctly)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: "Talk to the Hand"

This topic is the Ebonic expression of informing another to not say or verbalize communication as in a traditional conversation actions. [In other words, one who raises "the hand" to imaginatively block such verbal listening of another.]

Such modern action is actually a form of the old way of Roman Catholicism. It is formally defined, by Catholics, as actions of "excommunication."

One or family set that is EXCOMMUNICATED, can not--

  1. Participate in personal community function space in communities, or near the Roman Church (the mother church of most of our today's church sects and denominations foundations or layout administrative leadership and practices designs).
  2. Be buried on church-owned land.
  3. Continue in an active, formal, real marriage, or in a marital engagement.
  4. Have sex with current real spouse (if so ordered by the Church). Sometimes, too, another mate is introduced or assigned (by the Church) to the spouse whom is not found in excommunicated status with the Church.
  5. The excommunicated status request of an individual or family is also made known to the country's leader. Such persons is considered an enemy of the Church and state (or country's lands), the living and the dead!, all clergy (of which the clergy have actually misled communities to believe in such actionable habits), (political and community) councils, and private secular Christians.
Audience Family, I will add other such excommunicated actions as discovered at a later date.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Old Catholicism Way: Historical Monks

Back in the day, only the majority of Roman Catholic priests and monks could read and write. Some of the kings didn't possess such skills and relied heavily on religious leaders. European religious leaders were the only group who really studied or became learned in education, opposite minority cultures and communities of other continents.

White leadership: "My side partner--a priest or a monk."
  1. Monks lived under a vow of silence, so hush or Sh-h-h-h!
  2. Monks would live, undisturbed, in their home style, away from the secular social culture.
  3. Monks would intentionally bruise their bodies--some performed daily--as a sacrifice to God.
  4. Monks would participate in daily or routine food fasts.
  5. Monks would spend long hours in prayers or meditation.
  6. Monks, some of them, would beat their own flesh by wearing of a heavy chain. [modern male trends, Hmm]
  7. Monks, some of them, would falsify biblical events and writings of the Holy Bible to allow Roman Catholicism to be the religion of the lands.
  8. Monks lived a profession of poverty.
  9. White parents would refuse to send their children to college for fear of the monks.
"Many people are, unknowingly, participating in their communities as secular monks."

These are interesting monk-action facts for March, my hosted theme U.S. white race appreciation month.