Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Family Court Hearing Sample

Today's world requires more interactions between government and families. The current Obama administration believes that big government is the solution.  I agree to a point--until such governmental departments become less and less productive to their overall need for Americans.

Some of my audiences are participating in an annual summer challenge: a pretend Confrontation War.  I wanted all of my audiences to review some of the available resources and activities that may be helpful at your unique household.

As a current Presidential candidate, I want to be your president who allows a productive choice to our concerns. I also want to improve outdated services, programs and overall American old stuff.

Here are two links that I would like to review at your leisure, such publications may be educational and useful in increasing family-bonding efforts of your external family sets.

The following is a court hearing that my unique household was forced to be a participant. This year marks the 10th anniversary, of the day, that I was legally and socially taken out of my unique household--a husband (forced marriage and 16 years later a forced divorce) and four biological young children in the apartment rental. The day was August 12, 2005 in Caroline County, Denton, Maryland.

For Visual Learners
Written transcript excerpts of a family court hearing, click here.

For Listening Learners (Part 1 - 5)
Part 1 My Maternal Aunt's Testimony at
Part 2 The Social Services's Case Worker's Testimony 
Part 3 The Social Service Case Worker's Testimony, contd [I Want All Your Kids Enrolled in the Local Public School ... "Seeking Jurisdiction"]
Part 4 Shore's Social Services of Kent County and Caroline County Doesn't Acknowledge Participating Mother [Me] ... [Dept. Social Services Assistance Program Applications (Health Care, WIC, WIA Referral for continued participation)--Middle-Income Class Family Appropriate Application--etc. (Before or During this DSS-involved Case)
Part 5 What Do You Want To Do? "I Want My Children to Remain In a Stable Family Environment." Either You Voluntarily Move Out of County or Kids Will Be Removed!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Water Play Activities for Kids

Source: Wonderplay. 1995.

Life Skills Activities

  • Bathing a plastic doll or figurine.
  • Washing toys.
  • A plastic tablecloth on the floor of the kitchen or bathroom and a plastic basin to play with just a few inches of water (1 - 2 inches). Provide small sponges, and measuring cups with spouts. Turn on your child's favorite songs (not near water area).
Art Activities
  • Painting with a paintbrush and water only.
  • Painting with food coloring.
  • Painting with water paints. 
  • Watercolor and crayons.
Food Activities
  • Melons
  • Homemade Popsicles
  • Adding water to ingredients to create a dish or a meal.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June's Tweets: Men Appreciation Month

Tweet Summary for June

"And You, Your Point of View Is__?" is an opportunity for an online, open class-style audience, to ponder of topic tweets which may or may not be factual. Host: Sherlene Stevens. Sponsor Associate: A Time To Learn Academy.

  1. According to a 2014 National Women's Biz Council report, women start businesses with less money than men.
  2. Why are African-American channels more expensive? I'd rather pay for each channel that I really watch.
  3. In today's modern world, only people who own homes actually put up wall decor and curtains --not renters.
  4. 2015 graduates. "When you start your career, you might think that you're setting out to change the world; but, the world is far more likely to change you." -Author unknown.
  5. "The church should be open to change, while being attuned to individual dislocation and suffering it can bring." -Pope Francis.
  6. The Kloran (KKK handbook) sounds to similar to the Koran (Islamic-scriptures book).
  7. Men are hunters and their focus is to capture.
  8. Most lockups occur by state prosecutors, not sentences or rulings suggested by actual judges. 95% of criminal cases aren't heard because of quick plea bargains.
  9. Men, do you know Gertrude Bell? In 1918, she drew the boundaries for a new country called Iraq.
  10. Men, should we open factories to build cars that drive themselves? Purchasing power of this invention could cause quite a shift in our economy.
  11. Men, we must never forget our deceased soldiers (government soldiers or soldiers of faith): They gave their lives to save our country and ways of life.
  12. "Men, "if only" focuses on past failures and sentences us to a lifetime of regret. "Next time" turns our attention to the future and inspires us to try again." -Richard Exley.
  13. Males who are parents, Happy Father's Day! Complete this thought. Thanks Day for saying, "_____."
  14. Men, there are three main ways men fail with their own children: permissiveness, busyness, and moral compromise.
  15. Men, too many of our teens are being scouted out by our local law enforcement staff or agencies.
  16. Men, "no work is degrading. If it ought to be done, then it's good work." Author unknown.
  17. Men, do you think you could give up your career in order to care for your wife if she became an invalid?
  18. What have you done to honor our black music entrepreneurs?
  19. During times of quarrels, men, are you a problem-solver or a warrior (won't stop until you win the dispute)?
  20. What will my current slave master do to me if they take down the Confederate flag in the next couple of weeks?