Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May's Tweets: Women Appreciation Month

Tweet Summary for April

"And You, Your Point of View Is__?" is an opportunity for an online, open class-style audience, to ponder of topic tweets which may or may not be factual. Host: Sherlene Stevens. Sponsor Associate: A Time To Learn Academy.

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  1. Eight out of ten moms work in the U.S.
  2. Not all females want to own a business or work at all, and that's okay.
  3. No one says, "Okay, God, I want to be born into a generational-cursed family."
  4. Four out of ten moms are the earners in the household.
  5. There are preachers, in other countries, whose sermons are prepared for them--by their country leader or president.
  6. Cubans [females] are learning how to hold baby showers at their dwellings.
  7. Ladies we must practice discretion; "Saying and doing the right thing in the right way at the right time."
  8. How many, Ladies, have the same number of kids that your mothers had? Or do you have more?
  9. Some countries are doing away with full garment veil or outfit (niqab) of Muslim women.
  10. Muslim sects --Shias and Sunnis-- have decreased marrying into the opposite sect.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April's Tweets: Hearing Voices

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Tweet Summary for April

"And You, Your Point of View Is__?" is an opportunity for an online, open class-style audience, to ponder of topic tweets which may or may not be factual. Host: Sherlene Stevens. Sponsor Associate: A Time To Learn Academy.

First, audience or Tweetees, if you believe that "voices" that you may be hearing are telling you to do a bad thing, STOP! Simply stop and don't do the action that is being said to you. You'll thank self later, okay.

  1. Having faith + Drug addiction+Hearing Voices = A long, but possible, life experience's battle.
  2. Don't think that hearing voices cease with health medicines or street drugs.
  3. There is so much drug usage in the United States that most States simply assume that all their citizens have a drug addiction challenge.
  4. Most drug usage (narcotics, meds), in our country, is to decrease actions of hearing voices.
  5. Medical mental medicines can be as destructive or similar to street drug usage.
  6. For most adults, "it's nothing wrong with taking an occasional anxiety pill."
  7. Hearing voices is mostly self-directed, "You do this or that." This may occur while a member of a team, group, or family.
  8. The gift of hearing voices is like teaching someone how to start using street drugs.
  9. No child should be given the gift of hearing voices, including young Jesus.
  10. If you don't have a strong childhood foundation, the bottom line is you'll listen to any voice that you find useful during a current life experiences's situation or crisis.
  11. We as a society listen to so many voices--self, family, work relationships, religious groupings, society, etc. Do we ever stop to really listen to God's voice?
  12. Hearing voices gives you that certain kind of boldness to tackle an issue that you may have been avoiding: If it helps, it can also harm.
  13. Most people hear voices when they need to do something new, or make a new decision for self.
  14. People need to really socialize more.
  15. It is said that if you are always fighting the voices--and born-again--then, you're going down the wrong path of life.
  16. What if voices constantly tell you to do something that is water related?
  17. Some people experience hearing voices during inclement weather.
  18. Only white people define hearing voices as a bad thing.
  19. Is it possible that people can hear the same voice, at the same time, during a horrific national event?
  20. When you learn cultural norms--outside of your surroundings--you might think or hear things much differently.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Do African Americans Create Their Own Majority Identity?

It is a fact that a majority of African-Americans have this untruth that their racial duty and responsibility is to be strictly defined as "workers" of our many occupations, or "receivers" of anything that is left, that is second best.  They feel some sense of duty or honor with being a part of this unlabeled working order in America. They love seeing such identifiable images as entertainment (as though it identifies the identity of all blacks). Any other image on the screen isn't being black enough, seems to be a false sense of social reality, or simply doesn't bring in the big rating numbers. What images do you immediately notice, when you look around your community?

White leaders (business, entertainment):"Well, if you don't mind  ... It works for us." [Hell yeah! Cool.]

Even with the vast amount of people, globally, the reality is this form of making our world go around is no longer working for the white-race identity.  And when their economic system doesn't work for them, it doesn't work for anyone else.  America is at a stand still due to internal citizen stubbornness, pride, and lack of social or household choice freedoms. Are these overall citizen characteristics a new social problem? Or an age-old problem?

Facts (Source: A Bluestein. February 2015)
21% of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. were born outside of the U.S.
Immigrants start businesses at twice the rate of native-born citizens.
Immigrants learn Algebra at a faster pace than an average of Americans of any racial identity.
If immigrant entrepreneurs or business owners hold a H-1B visa, their company gets to operate in the U.S. for at least six years.  American workers that's six years of job opportunities. One possible solution is EB-6: the start-up visa.