Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August's Tweets: Varied Topics

Tweet Summary for August

"And You, Your Point of View Is__?" is an opportunity for an online, open class-style audience, to ponder of topic tweets which may or may not be factual. Tweets Contributor: Families, general public. Sponsor Associate: A Time To Learn Academy.

  1. Who are the brown people (Native Americans)? yellow people (Mexicans, Latinos)? red people (Asians)?
  2. Back in the day, the Catholic pope requested the burning of 1000s of books housed at home libraries and library-model organizations.
  3. It use to be, if a child wanted to read books their parents would be required to consent before such actions.
  4. Some parts of Europe have banned any/all untraditional religious teachings targeting children and seniors.
  5. There is a decline of citizenship and tourism in areas owned by the French, British, and Australia.
  6. In the Islamic faith, policies and regulations--developed by Islamic leaders--are only upheld for 10 years; thereafter, such public policies are reintroduced: reissued, revised, or tossed.
  7. America, how long are we going to focus on race? the KKK? the Koran?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Comcast Cable Supplier, Yes?

Many unique households are saying "N-o-o, thank you."

Here's why:

  • The additional fees for installation may vary from $40 - $70 or more, depending on how many rooms of your unique households.
  • New wiring in your unique household needed. Then, add another additional fee of $30 per room location.
  • Bundle or not to bundle. To bundle means cheaper monthly rates, but a one- or two-year contract commitment is required.
  • Your first bill is always higher than what the customer service representative estimates it to be.
  • New service requires that you pay your first two months of cable service in the first 30 days of service  or else. What else could there be? Non-payment of service means temporary disconnection of service (with a $100 re-connection fee) and no allowance of purchasing a movie until your bill is paid in full.
  • You have to wait several days for a service installation tech or you can always do it yourself. Comcast will mail the equipment out to you faster than a tech arrival, why?
  • Let's not even discuss the phone features such as the automatic 5-ring count, or the annoying sound of call-waiting that you can not turn off.
Comcast is rated as #1 in cable service who offers great equipment features. Many housing developments and communities are now using Comcast wiring as the only choice for cable service.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Free Participation, Fall Course: Education Choices and Family Court

Provided by A Time To Learn Academy, non-profit organization.

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