Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Vacuum Cleaners

  • The best vacuums are built to handle only hair, dust, and dirt. Anything else can damage the filter and clog the engine.
  • More suction isn't always better. If suction is too strong, carpet gets pulled into the vacuum, creating a seal that dirt can't get past.
  • Use your adjustable power settings whenever possible.
  • Uprights tend to be better on carpets. 
  • Canister vacuums are lightweight, and they're almost as powerful as uprights.
  • If you vacuum regularly or daily, you do not need a powerful suction vacuum cleaner.
  • Replace (or clean) any vacuum filter. Write the date of replacement in your household journal. Source: S. Getzkin (March 21-23, 2014). Tips for Spring Cleaning. USA Weekend.
Source: B. Driscoll (April 2014). Esquire.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Extension Cord Safety

Extension Cord Safety Tips
Source: www.cableorganizer.com (March/April, 2012, Home Magazine)

  1. Extension cords are classified for either indoor or outdoor use. Outdoor-rated cords are stronger for temperature changes, moisture, UV rays, and (sometimes) chemicals. Never use an indoor-rated cord outside.
  2. Always check to see that your device doesn't exceed the cord's wattage rating, including multiple devices. Overheating and fire may occur. If you don't know the device's rating contact the product's manufacturer.
  3. AMPS/Volts vs. Watts: Multiply the number of amps by the number of volts.
  4. Always purchase cords that have the UL symbol.
  5. Don't use cords with cut or damaged insulation. Exposed wires can put you at risk for fire, burns and electrical shock. 
  6. Never cut, file, etc., a cord or plug blades to make it fit into an outlet. You may need to simply replace the receptacle (box).
  7. As long as a cord is plugged into an outlet (whether on or off), it's using "electric." Budgeting households, electric bill, don't waste.
  8. Block unused opening with outlet covers for kids and pets.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Repost: 15 Things Never Say To Parents of Biracial Kids

It's my hosted event theme of U.S. Mixed Race Identity Month and Online Quotes Month (April, yearly). It is Spring Cleaning Month, too.

I read an interesting article, from another blogger, of what not to say to parents of biracial kids, accessed April 8, 2014, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-stir/15-things-never-to-say-to-parents-of-biracial-kids_b_3109408.html

Can you imagine someone commenting "Aww, look at the cute zebra baby" as implied by the blogger. By definition, mixed race individuals include people of two or more racial identities.  Most U.S. minorities could be considered a part of this definition. Is race still a factor in America? In my opinion, it is never possible for a mixed-race individual to fully avoid their racial identities. I believe that there is more cultural awareness that takes place by mixed individuals --attempts to fully understand American racial identity and personal behaviors. Some individuals may consider too much attention to racial groupings. Others, feel not enough. The reality is that it takes a well-balanced person to be able to grasp their unique identities while also appreciating the challenges of mixed-racial heritage in our society (e.g., school, socially, beauty supplies shopper). Biracial parents must acknowledge this fact. Otherwise, they're setting their child up for years of dysfunctional life experiences by instilling false cultural realities.

Lastly, white citizens are decreasing and not reproducing at a steady rate. U.S. minorities are no longer just of the African race. Latinos are returning to their home country of Mexico due to our economy.  What racial group is actually the new minorities in America?