Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Just Call Me Your Avon eBrochure Lady

Today, I would like to inform my audience family that I will be strictly specializing in New Avon online shoppers' customer care: Live, English-speaking customer service during described business hours posted at my online store and personal website.

As some of you know, since November, 2011, I have owned an Avon store (Newark, Delaware; District of Columbia; Union City, Georgia).  You could say that I am the creator of the Avon online brochure. Remember all of my online paper presentations while attending college attempting to receive my master's. Some of you guys would help me out by pretending to my audience.  We all have come along way from the days of not knowing Facebook or Twitter, let alone Slideshare.

Did you know that a lot of online shoppers are using mobile apps or a mobile version of store brands to shop and purchase? When someone tells you to place your item in the shopping cart? Do you have trouble finding the online shopping cart of your favorite store? Most stores, with several locations, now offer an online version of their store. Look around your local community-store areas and complexes, what store brands are in your area? How long have they been there? If you've lived in the area for a while, you probably have commented that a well-known or long-standing company brand relocated to another area. Or, the brand no longer exists at all.

Now that I have five years of experience under my belt with the Avon company brand, and hold a master's in business focus, I am looking for investors of my unique Avon store: national customers of America and Canada, financial and material investors, etc: aka Ms. AvonAmazon.  I want to keep people working in our great country and I truly know that you do, too.

FYI: I am also hiring work-from-home commissioned sales reps, nationally, for my specific store. Will you help me today?

And in return, for just reading this week's Family Bond Paper,

An Avon Brochure (<---click here)

Email me at to receive a biweekly edition of my store's brochure only. Online shoppers shop at my store, or choose items and shop with your local Avon lady. It's just that convenient to shop at the Avon Products. Inc brand.

I thank you in advance for your patience while I complete the new direction of my store.  I love the Avon brand, and I am glad to have such an opportunity to run my store in such [in my opinion] an efficient direction going forward. At the end of the day's sale transactions, it's all about money while realizing that the customer is always right. Right?


Sherlene Stevens, Avon Independent Sales Rep, eRep, and Recruiter.
Sherlene Stevens's Avon Store and Online Store | A Sherlene brand department.
A So Helpful Brand Name.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: The Public School Student Calendar

Parents or Guardian, how many of you would like your child(ren)'s public-school district to begin a new school year "after" Labor Day?  There are many reasons why such a school district approach may not be so bad after all:
  • More vacation time for school staff (who may not have worked during the summer months), children, and the short decrease of school building wear and tear (summer cooling equipment or none at all);
  • More opportunities for school-age children to participate with external school projects and activities; and,
  • The lack of disruption of having to take a mini vacation from new teachers, after the first few days of a  new academic year.
Better yet, another question, would you rather have year-round public school buildings within your local community?
  • This would require more frequent calendar vacations, perhaps every month.
  • Traditional school vacations would be shortened to accommodate.
  • Teachers would be required to work such calendar scheduling.
  • I would think school districts, who implement such schooling behaviors, would be required to have summer cooling equipment (a/c systems). Summer cooling equipment vs. paying year-round teaching contracts? Do you think the cost of adding such equipment would be the major cost of such an overall task of a school district's yearly budget? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Kids Are Saying "Don't Blow That Smoke In My Face!"

Have you ever walked down an urban, public area or sidewalk only to get a puff of some kind of strange smelling smoke blown in your face?  I have. After relocating to a more urban-populated neighborhood, a few years ago, I realized that such smoking behavior was the norm--an everyday situation within my local community. It is a normal disregard by individuals who smoke modern-day what?--Weed.  Every day this is happening in unique homestyles, city playgrounds, and public sidewalks.

There is a new trend, that is happening, where parents are deliberately intoxicating their children with marijuana. A few weeks ago, I read an article about a mother of color who was arrested for exhaling such smoke in front of her children. I have learned that second-hand weed smoke can exhibit someone to have the same effects as being truly high; it's called having a "contact."  The overall goal of the smoker is to dumb down the activity of children so that they will become less active or hyper around them. Thereby allowing the smoker to enjoy their high sensation for a greater length of time.

I believe that consistent smokers may not even realize the harm of their smoking habit. Smokers--if you are reading this blog entry--don't smoke near children. Ask them to leave out the environment so that you can get your smoke on if necessary.  Readers, we must educate our youth to exit out of the room if they begin to smell a strange-smelling cigarette. I am a non-smoker who believes that weed smoking should not be allowed so freely.  Even non-smoking apartment tenants, who smell weed smoke in their vents, etc., are reporting neighbors consistently who smoke in their dwellings.

When is enough enough?  Should we arrest smokers for smoking in their own homestyles? I agree with the idea of marijuana smokers being arrested for smoking near a minor. Kids are students.

Students attend school to learn.  Learning must be achieved to have a productive, educated, community and society.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Some Businesses Simply Can't Be Separated Racially

In this new America, I believe that there are some businesses that simply can't be soley for one-racial identity (customers). Does your list look like mine?

My List

  • Health care venues;
  • Government staff venues;
  • Places of worship or denominations when such organization is "the only" like-organization in a local community;
  • Evening programs of places of worship;
  • Political parties; 
  • Funeral homes;
  • Sport teams;
  • Airports;
  • Gas suppliers of gas stations;
  • Car dealerships;
  • Cable services;
  • Utility services;
  • Banks;
  • Credit card services;
  • Hotels, motels, Inns, etc.; and, 
  • Internet services.
What I learned from making this list is that all lives and occupations really do matter.