Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Native American Appreciation Month: Families, Climbing the Totem Pole

I read an interesting article of the facts of the totem pole, but I do not know to whom to give credit. Source unknown, n.d.

The totem pole is mostly seen, today, in the Northwest Coast of our country.

Did you know that the totem poles were actually status symbols?

Only the wealthy could afford them: So, let's climb an imaginary totem pole so that we may review the history of the totem pole. Do you believe that you would have owned a totem pole? Let's climb the totem pole, unique households?
  • Wealthy Native Americans took many hours to carve their totem poles.
  • Such artwork of animals on the poles were of actual historical events or stories.
  • There were many kinds of poles: Some as tributes of honored dead or of a chief. Others were used to make fun of or shame someone or the dead, and would often be carved upside down.
  • Poles were used as a visual of one's family tree.
  • Some Native Americans believe that they were ancestors of an animal or plant.
  • If a group of the Indians believed that they were a descendant of an animal or plant, they would identify themselves as that of the "animal or plant" clan.
  • It was possible to show one's entire existence on one pole (50 feet or 15 meters tall).
  • The top of the pole usually had a carved face, and the lower parts of the pole showed other important people or animals.
  • The poles were painted in bright colors, and were set up in the middle of the clan's village so that they could be seen from afar.
  • Most racial-identities knew to respect such art in wood. And,
  • White Christian missionaries forced the Indians to chop down their poles so that they could be used for firewood and because of religious reasonings.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Laws: Our Faith-Based Legal Systems

THIS IS A MUST-READ. Print a copy for self, friends, etc.!

I would like to share with you a few main laws that are known by faith believers and leaders. These laws may exist in your community. They are especially important to know if  you do not attend a church or religious building on a consistent basis.

They set you up ... They know or make our real laws ... They will comment that you are doing a great job or service ... All the while ... They create or inform of fictitious criminal activity but in reality, read the following:

What Not To Do In Your Community To Avoid Being An Uninvited Citizen or Family

Do Not

  • Females, do not dress like "real" girls;
  • Allow your teens to date;
  • Allow females to drive a vehicle of any kind;
  • Allow your teen to earn more than the adults in your community;
  • Allow teens or adults to participate in secular entertainment or fine art activities;
  • Allow kids and students with good grades or higher GPA than expected of in your community, or knowing more than your local teachers or preachers;
  • Allow or hinder the subjects of business, secular fine arts, STEM, and foreign languages;
  • Allow females to attend college;
  • Allow females to a pursue a job that you normally see male hirees;
  • Allow couple participation whose main activities are having babies out of wedlock;
  • Allow divorce to be attractive in your community;
  • Allow baby birth appreciation of a gender that is typically not accepted in your community;
  • Allow owning a secular style business in your community;
  • Allow citizens or students to discuss the color red, use or wear such color or possess products in such color in your community;
  • Allow local citizens to be a Republican or participate in the Republican party;
  • Allow leaders to participate in local community who are not a part of local churches;
  • Allow citizen to respect, listen to or watch secular leaders that desire to lead or directing in your community;
  • Allow your citizens to ever live with the opposite sex without being married or a relative;
  • Allow your females to have long hair down;
  • Allow your females to wear makeup and nail polish;
  • Allow anyone to wear white unless requested by religious leaders, or a part of a church or religious function;
  • Allow the wearing of formal attire everyday unless you work or are a part of the local religious staff and leadership; 
  • Allow any citizen--with an illness or injury--to participate in your community: force them on government benefits. They are part of charity in the community and will be taken care of by our government; they are not pure and perfect even if a defined faith believer or if they attend a local church or religious faith; and, 
  • Allow gays and bisexuals to live together or marry or participate in your community.

Scary, huh?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sept. 15 - Oct. 15: Latino Heritage Month

Source: Erickson, T. (March/April 2014). What Hispanics Want at Work. Diversity Executive, 12.

 Diversity Reading List for Hispanic Heritage Month

Latino Facts

  • In 2002, Hispanics moved past African - Americans to become our country's largest minority. Today, the return to native lands has been more economically productive due to our slow economy.
  • In New Mexico, and Texas, Hispanics are expected to become the majority population by 2020.
  • The U.S. Hispanic population is expected to more than double by 2050, from 44 million to 100 million.
  • Hispanic high-school dropout rates are declining: College enrollment is excelling whites and blacks.
  • Hispanics like jobs that provide training, flexible scheduling, and have long-term stability in its industry.