Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sherlene Stevens: Black Friday 2015

How many of you will be shopping at stores within your local community? Go to my campaign website to view national store chains that are closed on Thanksgiving Day. Please make certain to check store hours before shopping locally. Each store chain may have different hours at various locations.

Online Shopping

Many stores are already offering small-saving discounts on popular items: Pre-Black Friday events. Free standard shipping is also being offered without subscribing to store portals.  Some stores require to have your exact postal address, including the four digits after your zip code.  You may be required to select from various postal addresses that match the address you provided when placing your order.  It is important for you to choose or click on the address that best matches your specific location.

Most online stores require you to provide a coupon/discount code at checkout in order to receive a specific discount ranging between 10% or 50%.  If you receive a message that the coupon has expired, etc., please phone the number provided on the store's website.

Make certain when entering your credit card information that you use the correct billing address associated with your card.  Pay special attention of providing mailing information if it's a gift item to be shipped to another location (other than your actual mailing address).

Store Shopping and Coupon Sales

During this time of the year, it is always best to shop along with a friends and family. And shopping can be a great opportunity for family-bonding.

Prepare a gift list in advance. Have store coupons readily available at checkout. Check coupon deadlines before shopping. Most stores are still offering daily or weekly coupon savings.  Your most popular local, newspapers will have the most recent sale ads and coupons being offered.

Coupons can also be printed at home. Make sure that all numbers or codes can be easily read for scanning by the store clerk. You can scan certain coupon ads by using your cell phone's technology.

It would also be a great time to place a certain in or on your vehicle to easily identify it from the numerous consumers that also shopping.  Do you ever wonder how many makes of your vehicle and color were made and purchased in your community? Simply visit your area malls and you will soon have an idea :)

Ready?! Again, check store hours at stores that plan on visiting. Wear comfortable shoes and layers of clothing, and have fun shopping. I hope that you find lots of awesome sales or unique items this holiday season. Here is to the completion of your gift list by the end of Black Friday Weekend 2015!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Sherlene Stevens: Indian Children (Poem)

Printed without additions for modern language or historical events.

Indian Children

Where we live and work and play each day,
Indian children used to play--
All about our native land,
Where the shops, public buildings and houses stand.

And the trees were very tall,
And there were no streets at all,
Not a church and not a steeple--
Only woods and Indian people.

Only wigwams [a housing style] on the ground,
And at night bears prowling round--
What a different place today,
Where we live and work and play! -Annette Wynne

Note: November is Native-American Heritage Month in the U.S.A.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sherlene Stevens: Shudder of the Thought of a Democratic Win 2016

Fearless Democratic-Party Agenda and Current Actions for Upcoming Election Campaign 2016 

Democrats Wants
  • We want basic, public schools open whether they have proper heating/cooling, or lack of enrollment.
  • Next we want to invent free, basic college models. What was once considered higher learning will be no more.
  • We want more skilled, low-entry workers such as nurses instead of doctors, teachers instead of principals.
  • We want the People's House and Congress to be the new, long-standing Democratic work center.
  • We want to continue the tradition of calling law enforcement --local sheriffs-- for social and family injustices (mostly for juveniles and college-age student behaviors).
  • We want group actions in everything that America does. Is it a political party or a cultural gang?
  • We need basic, public schools to extend their days with no formal afterschool transportation in rural communities.
  • We want an even bigger government which will demand bigger tax dollars from low- and middle-income citizens.
Is anyone else afraid of what this new Democratic Party wants?!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sherlene Stevens: Are Your Fears Keeping You From Your Fullest Potential

Source: Hyde, M.

Does anyone know the proper name of the phobia of having a woman as President? Woman President of color?

Proper Name of Phobia                                      Fear Description
Acrophobia                                                        height
Agoraphobia                                                      open spaces, market place, etc.
Ailurophobia                                                      cats
Anthropophobia                                                 people
Aquaphobia                                                       water
Arachnophobia                                                  spiders
Astraphobia                                                        lightning
Brontophobia or Keraunosphobia                         thunder
Claustrophobia                                                   closed-in spaces
Cynophobia                                                        dogs
Dementophobia                                                  madness
Equinophobia                                                     horses
Herptophobia                                                     snakes, lizards, crawling things
Mikrophobia                                                      germs
Murophobia                                                       mice
Mysophobia                                                       germs, dirt
Nyctophobia                                                      darkness
Pyrophobia                                                        fire
Thanatophobia                                                   death
Xenophobia                                                       strangers
Zoophobia                                                         animals
School phobia                                                    classroom setting, learning spaces

So what's the different between simple fear and phobia: (1) Long period of time of being afraid (2) inappropriate response (3) excessive preoccupation with the situation or object and (4) fear is very intense.