Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Emotional Stages: Spring/Summer Weather

Most U.S. adults and families are now realizing the weather patterns of spring and the approaching summer season.  International continents, months ago, were expressing their concerns of their most recent weather patterns. Some days, the Asian continent's weather temperature was reaching over 110 degrees.

Such dramatic temperatures is a new experience for all global citizens. King James Version Bible declares "We all shall notice at the same time." This may be true. Locally, the northern states would generally have cooler temperatures than the South. Now the majority of our states are experiencing the same weather patterns.

Parents with children. Realizing that most U.S. households are being maintained by female parents, who work, that rely on entrepreneurs who offer summer childcare services.  I think it is important to find a summer childcare-program service that does not require for children to be outside for most of the day. Maybe this would be a summer where you could include more participation or creative ideas from your child's/children's co-parent. As I often express, it is always best to co-parent to provide a sense of security to your child/children whenever possible.  Remember it's not about y'all, the adults, it's about productive child development.

Adults go through the same emotional stages just like children:

  • Shock, denial, or protest;
  • Bargaining;
  • Anger;
  • Depression (anger turned inward, self-anger); and, finally,
  • Understanding and coping.
Lastly, the warmest part of the day is not mid-morning, but around 4 p.m. (EST). So make sure that each person in your unique homestyle drinks more than 64 oz. of water (yes more than) each day! Take refresh breaks when working outdoors or in a non-a/c area.  Be considerate, have empathy, of loved ones or friends who work out in the heat.  Overall, plainly, if it's hot outside than it will be hotter in your form of transportation. Avoid leaving children or senior citizens in a car product that is parked directly in the sun.  Local, community, playground equipment will be hotter, too, which can cause major burns. It is great to sweat, but excessive sweating in not productive in our current climate: tanners, avoid using baby oil because it will clog your pores and make you feel even warmer (only use during winter months); wear open-ventilated shoe product whenever possible; wear loose-fitting clothing whenever possible; and, wash hair more frequently due to pollen and sweat even if a person of color.

This spring and summer I am wearing my mixed-race (black and Native American) hair natural, all summer long, to avoid overusing perms to force my hair into a straight texture (which it actually only does, anyway, in the autumn and winter).  I am not saying that I will wear it natural all the time, forever, but I will try such routine for this spring and summer. Have a great spring and summer, families in local communities!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Community Investments

In our local communities, has the overall definition of religion become an idol? Are we now afraid to discuss religious beliefs outside of places of worship? Are reclusive clergy opportunities, as the only local community help, causing most of local, community financial setbacks?  Currently, the U.S. is considered to have most of modern-day practices of Christianity--including, sadly, American Christians whose habit is booze drinking. Fact: Most faith-believing citizens (Muslims and others), of international continents, do not drink alcoholic beverages--at all. If there is a social venue or stores that sell alcoholic beverages, in international Muslim areas, their political laws state that such beverages can only be sold to Christians! In America, we must remember, always, that religious laws are much different than our political or goverments' laws.

Then, we have the proclaimed atheists or simply non-participating citizens--Are you an enemy of any state? Have you ever been unjustly targeted by our government?  By persuasion of staffers of local government or faith-believing citizens, have you ever had your belongings thrown out or discarded? There are far too many instances of such experiences discussed by citizens, within local communities, that are actually our "U.S. born-natives" and not illegal immigrants.

In most U.S. communities, millennials don't know who or what foundations to believe. One action that a majority of them partake in, however, is preference of being loyal "employees" instead of "employers". "Who needs that kind of responsibility?" they say proudly. They are smart in understanding the responsibility tasks of leaders. Instead of being the round-the-clock manager or boss, millennials' interest and time is outside of working walls. Some even devote most of their time in efforts of helping or volunteering at local charities.

As follows, are some of the common challenges with investing in disadvantaged communities:

  • There is one main political party of the area (state or local);
  • There is one main religious sect in the area that dictates the responsibilities of common citizens;
  • There is a lack of drug-free common citizens to pass drug screenings for possible work opportunities;
  • There is a lack of public transportation in the area; and,
  • There is no way to receive standard-product materials for their business to be productive in the local, community-area.
Lastly, volunteering is a great thing to do with one's time. Though, when there is a real need for big sponsorships or large-employer companies, within your local neighborhood, how does your local community handle such issues?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Christian Cross is the Fly On the Wall

The Cross is really faith believer's actions of what each of us does--seen and unseen everyday. Sort of like a fly on the wall that hears all and sees all. If you could pick up your personal cross, what would it reflect?

Yahshua-Yahweh/JESUS/Isa wasn't welcome in many places, but it didn't change his morals or purposes.  I admit that some places he did instruct his followers to forget that they were ever there, and to shake the dust off of their feet. During Jesus's life span, people wore open-shoe styles (flip flops, sandals) even if it meant having dust or sand dust all over one's feet. With the warmer climates, many of us will probably replace tennis shoes and high heels for the average flip flop.  Though most podiatrists (foot doctors) believe that flip flops are "the worst" creative invention. Why is it that many people, globally, wear them? Americans must not be wearing the correct flip-flop/sandal material of quality then.

We now know that Christianity was practiced by the Africa continent well before Europeans or Asians.  Is it time, within our history, for white faith-believers to exclude the popular brand image of the blond-hair and blue-eyed Jesus? Most historians would imply that if Jesus really existed then, probably, he was indeed a person of color. It is time for the next generation of faith believers, millennials, to identify Jesus as a person of color? How about a racial identity that is similar to one's own?  Even in such circumstances, based on the new anticipated global population, that would mean more images of Jesus as a person of color identification. I have always said that I would like to imagine Jesus as a person of all racial identities. God, the Holy Trinity in Three-Person, as I am ... white, black, black-Indian, Latina, Mexican, Asian, or any other race identity at whatever life experience that we need him to be in our lives.

We must remember that it was humanly emotions that caused Jesus to be treated as a typical criminal within the community or culture.  Even the political leader of the time could state that fact.  Jesus's capture and death was rehearsed, planned, and predicted for years by faith believers of the day (Church of Rome) including the Catholic denomination (Church of Rome).  By the way, with such negative history of the Catholic faith, why are some faith believers still practicing within the faith?  Can a religious system/economic system/denomination change its ways of thousands of years? Can there be more than one religious leader/high priest? Jesus is the ultimate high priest. Jesus is the high priest of his vision of the actual church structure for all humans. It is his vision and his leadership that we even have our Christian places of worship, building ministries.

In closing, the full nature of Christ's love includes not only one kind of person. God allowed us to have grace, prevenient grace (Source: author unknown, April, 2017). God/Jesus/Holy Spirit meets people and families where they are, and introduces them to others that can help them.  He sent Jesus to help us. For faith believers, Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit. All criminals, of the historical time, died on an ordinary-shaped cross. However, Jesus was the only criminal that had ever resurrected himself from death, from hell, and from an earthly grave.

It's all about the promise!--
                                   THE PROMISE OF HIS RETURN FROM HEAVEN TO THE EARTH REALM.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Traditions Are Changing

Eastern Season Topic. Due to the decline of American white civilization and international traditions, our holiday- and social-shopping traditions are changing. There is still a demand for chocolate-item products so much so that we may not have enough for the demand in coming years. Though you would never know when you visit most large retail or grocer chain--shelves filled with unused products after a holiday tradition. Easter-egg activities are still trending in most American cultures. Don't forget to have that one special egg, otherwise known as "the golden egg!"

For a more serious discussion of a topic that I have been wanting to share for a while. I thought it would be highly appropriate to share during the eastern season. I know, I know, there are a lot of American citizens who consider themselves no longer doing the religious practices and traditions anymore. I realize that maybe one of those citizens may be you. It wouldn't be strange for the majority of my audience family to be labeled as non-church or un-church household. Alright, ok, I admit it's just a little gossip [forgive me Lord]--Did you know that there are actually people who are becoming priests that know that they haven't been called, AND! they don't even consider themselves to be called. You know haven't been called. Like HELLO, this is Jesus--I want you to be a religious leader of my church's vision--calling. Doesn't the Holy Bible discuss this topic? with an overview verse that says, in modern-day language, that faith-believers or members can not hear his words, for today's continents, without a "real" preacher?

 I'm so jealous. [smiles] Guess what else?! Currently, large denominations are so in need of religious leaders that they don't even c-a-r-e.  By the way, there are over 45,000 different denominations, globally. (Source: author unknown, 2017). Anyway, so like I said, the denominations are so in need that they just hire ANY BODY! They just hire, and give ministry buildings (church building) to them to oversee. Some of these non-called, but education-trained priests are, also, given other benefits or perks such as a church-house to stay during their tenure. Talk about OMG!!!