Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: New Era, The Fear of Wearing Professional Clothing

Since the recession, I have noticed a new consumer behavior by American people of color. In Ebonics, we don't really dress up anymore for traditional-school pictures, work, or our places of worship. A designers worst nightmare!

In my opinion, people of color have the modern healthcare illness (PTSD)  when it comes to interacting with people who wear professional styles for a living within their work habits (ex. dresses, dress suits, pant suits, etc.). Or maybe it's actually the behavior history of remembering when your parents, magically, on Easter Sunday (or church events) or a traditional school program, were able to afford such attire for you. Yet, they couldn't quite seem to afford buying you that favorite doll, toy, or latest invention back then--that you so desperately begged for every time you went to your local store, right?

Where does this emotion, modern dress-style habits, come from. Have you ever wondered?
  • When we stopped purchasing or wearing such clothing at our unique households. Where are we going to wear it anyway?
  • When we took to more modest religious views during the most recent recession.
  • When we would glance at our modern, local ministers without their robe on Sunday mornings, or that white thing (preacher's collar) around their neck when strolling neighborhoods. Are you able to tell whose a preacher when in a crowd within your local community?
  • When we believed the myth that the only people who wore such clothing were either priests, teachers, or people up to no good in our communities.  No-good activities meaning an individual trying to develop new approaches to community concerns, or the lack of such professional look in the environment.  Did you know that most of our American business schools require you to wear business clothing--at all times? By the way, good luck in finding any-race's teacher who really creates a household budget which actually allocates, or includes the realistic expenses of professional work clothing. 
Unproductive habits or routines can be mistakenly defined as purpose, unique households.

I believe that we are unknowingly (from consistent basic store-aisle shopping) now losing our personal creativity when it comes to clothing styles. We dress in basic colors of darker shades of blue or black [jeans], and find it odd if another is wearing a pair of lime-green jeans. Audience family, next time that you are in your favorite clothing store, glance at the clearance rack. I bet it will be full of quantities of colorful or printed garments that will either be purchased at a fraction of its original value, or discarded because of markdown to its lowest price value of which has no real profit to the store entrepreneur or store chain. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Living Will, Five Wishes

Did you know that a living will is only valid during hospital stays in most instances?

Click example (2013) to review the most common living will known in most states. It is a free document provided by traditional health-care facilities.

Fact About the Five Wishes Will

  • The will should only be used to address care while staying in a health-care facility. Avoid addressing external care or arrangements outside of a health-care facility.
  • Anyone can complete a living will. Parents can complete the will on behalf of their children. 
  • Some states require a witness signature to be considered a valid request of a patient.
  • Each time that you stay at your local health-care facility, you may be asked if you would like to complete such a form.  It is a standard protocol conversation by hospital staff.
  • If you complete one living will, you may request for a copy to be entered into your medical file for consistent or future usage.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Presidential Televised Debates

Just a few questions that I have after last night's debate between Clinton and Trump --Wondering if any one else has the following questions.

  1. Why are the debates aired at 9 p.m., instead of  7 p.m. or 8 p.m.? Don't they realize working people are tired at that time of night?
  2. Did you watch it again, today, on CSPAN?
  3. Why was Clinton dressed in all red?  Does anyone remember that First Lady Obama wore red, I believe, on election night. I thought wearing red is the symbol of a candidate of the Republican party.
  4. Will we ever see Clinton in a dress again? Or is wearing pant suits the current trend for professional women?
  5. Why were the candidates only asked questions that the American citizens had already heard their responses via earlier media and press? I believe I would have been disgusted to have secluded myself--away from my usual surroundings--to study probably for hours upon hours just to be asked the same questions over again. Well, they are probably now more knowledgeable of current headlines and topics to discuss with us. (Lol)
  6. In my opinion, I thought Clinton handled the race question more appropriately given her decades of experiences.  And Trump, handled the administrative questions.  So which discussion makes a presidential leader more productive in doing their job? Race empathy and appreciation? Or administrative tasks such as budgeting and cutting the debt, and supervising departments more effectively so that all races and socio-economic statuses will have equal attention? Just asking.
  7. At the end of the debate, why didn't we see the cameraperson focused on Trump and his family shaking hands with the audience? Do you think that they did?
  8. By asking these question, do you believe I am just jealous of the debate that happened? [As you may know, I want to be your next president--Write-In Candidate.] Uhhmmm, how many days did they say are left to persuade you, the American citizens, that (I really think) I would be a better choice as your next president of our great country?

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: Just Call Me Your Avon eBrochure Lady

Today, I would like to inform my audience family that I will be strictly specializing in New Avon online shoppers' customer care: Live, English-speaking customer service during described business hours posted at my online store and personal website.

As some of you know, since November, 2011, I have owned an Avon store (Newark, Delaware; District of Columbia; Union City, Georgia).  You could say that I am the creator of the Avon online brochure. Remember all of my online paper presentations while attending college attempting to receive my master's. Some of you guys would help me out by pretending to my audience.  We all have come along way from the days of not knowing Facebook or Twitter, let alone Slideshare.

Did you know that a lot of online shoppers are using mobile apps or a mobile version of store brands to shop and purchase? When someone tells you to place your item in the shopping cart? Do you have trouble finding the online shopping cart of your favorite store? Most stores, with several locations, now offer an online version of their store. Look around your local community-store areas and complexes, what store brands are in your area? How long have they been there? If you've lived in the area for a while, you probably have commented that a well-known or long-standing company brand relocated to another area. Or, the brand no longer exists at all.

Now that I have five years of experience under my belt with the Avon company brand, and hold a master's in business focus, I am looking for investors of my unique Avon store: national customers of America and Canada, financial and material investors, etc: aka Ms. AvonAmazon.  I want to keep people working in our great country and I truly know that you do, too.

FYI: I am also hiring work-from-home commissioned sales reps, nationally, for my specific store. Will you help me today?

And in return, for just reading this week's Family Bond Paper,

An Avon Brochure (<---click here)

Email me at to receive a biweekly edition of my store's brochure only. Online shoppers shop at my store, or choose items and shop with your local Avon lady. It's just that convenient to shop at the Avon Products. Inc brand.

I thank you in advance for your patience while I complete the new direction of my store.  I love the Avon brand, and I am glad to have such an opportunity to run my store in such [in my opinion] an efficient direction going forward. At the end of the day's sale transactions, it's all about money while realizing that the customer is always right. Right?


Sherlene Stevens, Avon Independent Sales Rep, eRep, and Recruiter.
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