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Sherlene: Devotion Socials and Easter Season 2019

It's time for families of devotion social (GICPA) to decide plans for the Easter season. Many of us will not be celebrating in the traditional manner of praising the crucifixion of Jesus-- the killing of an innocent man and our Saviour, dying on the prisoner's cross. We mourn the suffering that he endured so that we may have the choice to be a part of the everlasting life and real peace.

During GICPA devotion socials, I, personally, show no respect/disrespect to the cross symbol.  As we realize, centuries ago, there were so many people who died on such crosses throughout the international lands of Jesus's historical era. I choose to reflect the visual of the open cross to symbolize the meaning that Jesus is no longer on the traditional prisoner's cross. Why should we mourn for him when he is no longer on the cross? It is because he lives that our sins are forgiven, let's rejoice.

During the month of March, our Food Fasting and Healthy Eating/Exercise social. Even …
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Sherlene: Higher Incomers, Let's Compare Similar Purposes of Your Spending Habits

As one who is protective of my personal character, I have always wanted to say to people who earn higher incomes to maybe not be so public with your purchases.  I think sometimes that higher- incomers show their things to inspire and motivate their audience and fans--to thank them for what they are now able to afford because of them. Or, to show that they have been blessed with such opportunities to spend at various entrepreneurial brands.

Today, if you are a public figure that means that your audience and fans are diverse, economically. Some celebrities and public figures, who have climbed the success ladder, may have forgotten what its like to purchase the following products and services.

Be mindful with empathy, celebrities and public figures, of what you post on your social media and web site: We know you work hard for what you have, but everybody don't want to see all of that especially when layoffs and brand closures are happening.---

Comparison Shopping
Shopping for product…

Sherlene: Why Are Some White People Dressing As People of Color?

Some may call it racist, I think it's really a personality dysfunction of wanting to know what it's like to be a person of color. Some whites may feel that blacks get more attention--good or bad--than whites.

My advice as a person of several races: Dress up like a person of color "at home," for a day, not in public. If you want to know what it's like to be of a different ethnicity, simply dress up or paint your face like one of your beloved friends or celebrity of color.

My Native American of color, great-great grandmother (maternal) had a white half-sister. The white-identity side of my family is from the Europe continent. They traveled from Europe and relocated to New York. My great-grandfather, Oscar Clarence Hicks, somehow ended up traveling to Maryland for work. He somehow ventured to the Rock Hall community of  Maryland which is close to a nearby Indian reservation (Piney Neck).

While working in the area, he noticed a young native of the area. Her family, …

Sherlene: Citizens' State of the Union Address, "I Thought I Was Giving, I Worked Productively To Give What We Call Taxes"

There are many taxpayers and politicians that are disgusted with the current mishaps of our government's administrative offices. Some are arguing, right now, that funding allocations are not getting to the many citizens who are in need. I think that we should receive, ourselves, such dollars so that we can measure whether we do a better job of financial education--of our needs, building our economics in our communities, and our wants--than government agencies and internal staffers. Such staffers are not accountants or bookkeepers, they are spenders for things that they feel is necessary for our government to run on an everyday basis.

The government agencies that have not accounted for the budget money that their office was given to disburse are--

1. $21 trillion displaced from government-wide of itself that no one knows what happened to the money, from 1985 -2015.

2. Some leaders of administrative offices said that several million dollars of the $21 trillion were given to the Pen…

Sherlene: Music In The Family Homestyle

Do you allow music of any form to be heard in your home? If so, what kind of music do you allow? Music forms are divided into two classifications: either secular or gospel.

Some faith-believers associate music to Satan: Satan is said to have been the highest director of heaven's music. When God forced him out of heaven and down to earth's low things or dust forever, he knew the beats and melodies of God and Spirit singing--by social cultures, this is said. Personally, I've never read such verses in the bible.

If Satan was that close to God in all things. Then, he knows a lot more than the sounds of music. He knows every form of sound. Satan knows how to talk just the right things to people; he knows how to make his demonic words sound right to get people to do his will. He knows how to bring the wrong sound to one to hear at just the right time, before a blessing. Satan's sound can cause others to follow a very different, destructive path of life experiences.

Next, th…

Bullying vs. Being Bullied

What is Bullying?
1. Leaving someone out on purpose. 2. Forcing someone to remain in a secluded audience area, during an activity, in order to be a part of the establishment or an activity.  3. Threatening to hurt someone. 4. Deliberately harming another person. 5. Deliberately not speaking to another person to exclude their participation, as a group.
5. Telling untrue stories about another person or persons.
6. Harassing someone. 7. Forcefully attacking someone who would like to participate in an establishment or an activity. 8. Unnecessary spying or watching a person because of an unrealistic possible threat targeted towards the bully.

How Can You Prevent Bullying?
1. Don't fight back.
2. Always be with a group around a bully; remain alert of surroundings.
3. Ignore the bully, walk away.
4. Don't spread rumors.
5. Tell an adult or friend.
6. Be a friend and make friends.

Do You Ever Bully? Check-List
1. Do you go out of your way to hurt others by what you say?