Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Parents, What To Do When You Can't Afford School Meals

Most public schools have now upgraded their cafeteria's meal-buying system.  In many schools, students who do not have adequate funding on their meal-account card go hungry. Meanwhile, bus students complain about arriving too late to eat breakfast at their given school. Bus students believe that it's unfair that their peers, who walk to school, are able to purchase a school breakfast. If students arrive late, to their morning classroom, they often are marked as "absent" or "tardy".

Suggestion: If necessary, contact your school's principal, morning teacher, and/or cafeteria manager to make arrangements. You may be referred to speak to your child's guidance counselor, if an ongoing challenge with your child's bus route or financial situation. Along with "How was you day?", add to the conversation by asking your child(ren) what items they chose from their school's cafeteria's menu.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Excuse Me, When Are Y'all Going To Pay Your Fee Portion

Have you ever considered opening a business? a family business?

I have often asked my maternal family "why should we not try?"  Are these some of the answers that you have received when exploring entrepreneurship as a family?
  • Who is reliable enough to do all that is necessary to maintain the everyday activities of running a business?
  • It's too much work, and I'd rather we not.
  • What about retirement? 
  • A full-time job provides a steady paycheck, and there is too much of a risk in running a business.
  • Where is the start-up money going to come from? The sky?
  • Why should I put in more of the start-up money, if I earn more at my job than her/him or you?
  • Being a family member is enough, we don't need to be in business together.
  • Oh no, I am always the one that pays for most family-oriented gatherings now. 
  • Sounds like a business plan, now you go try it if you want to and when you fail or achieve I'll be ---.  (encouraging realizing it takes a lot to run a business :)
I believe that the running-a-family-business topic should always be apart of family-focused conversations, during family reunions/holiday dinners/etc. It doesn't matter what race you are in regards to such actions, but African Americans are the last to think of such ventures. Really, the last! We won't live in the same dwelling together. (Other cultures will have 10 or more family members sharing the expenses of a 2-bedroom rental until they achieve saving their financial goals.) Oh no, not most of us (African Americans) before this article--. We won't buy a car together. We won't go into business with our family members, friends, or networking group. Where is the yesteryear of African Americans where everyone puts in to help financially? Or is that the problem, we are helping the outside world more than our very own flesh and blood? Yet, we realize that most often people who lack give the most to organized charities and religious programs/services.

I honestly believe that every family should try some type of venture together other than a family-reunion event. Realizing each year you have to pay a family-reunion fee to attend, how many of you pay your fee portion? If you have a great organizing committee, for your family-reunion event, don't they act just like the average bill collector? "Excuse me, when are you going to pay your fee portion?"" :)

Families, excuse me, but when are you going to pay your fee portion? If you don't want to pursue a large company, choose to start a small family business as a family venture now.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Amazon: The New Factory Model In a Town Near You

On Wednesday, August, 2, 2017, Amazon will pursue its goal of hiring 50,000 new employees, nationally--in one day! There are also virtual, customer-service, job opportunities available in various states (not all states).

Web URL Link:

I know that some of you have been in search for the traditional factory job for a while. I guess the Amazon business model is as close as you're going to get. Working in a factory requires constant to-and-from walking actions choosing specific items to package for shipment.  Most often workers must walk on a cement flooring so quality work/comfortable shoes are mandatory. 

Amazon still has some work to do in its job-website platform. There are some job opportunities, which were available last year, that are still listed. Maybe those jobs still need to be filled. Never the less, it doesn't give a great impression of their current hiring promotion. Can you imagine 50,000 American citizens applying on the Amazon website at the same time tomorrow? Hoping that it will be an organized job-fair event. I am assuming that some workers, nationally, have already been hired. 

Are we ever going back to the days of paper job application in hand, when applying for a job? How many of you miss this traditional activity of business brands of the HELP WANTED function? Today's online applications take between 45 minutes to 2 hours to complete. 

Such effort of completing digital job applications takes time and organization.  Finding a job in today's world is often considered to be liking working a full day.  It requires you to have all of your work profile in hand and available (unless you have memorized all of your work experiences and skills, or have never worked a job before). Oh boy, and don't forget to hit that "SUBMIT" button after completing your application! If not your application and attachments (such as your resume) will not be sent to the company's hiring manager. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Emotional Stages: Spring/Summer Weather

Most U.S. adults and families are now realizing the weather patterns of spring and the approaching summer season.  International continents, months ago, were expressing their concerns of their most recent weather patterns. Some days, the Asian continent's weather temperature was reaching over 110 degrees.

Such dramatic temperatures is a new experience for all global citizens. King James Version Bible declares "We all shall notice at the same time." This may be true. Locally, the northern states would generally have cooler temperatures than the South. Now the majority of our states are experiencing the same weather patterns.

Parents with children. Realizing that most U.S. households are being maintained by female parents, who work, that rely on entrepreneurs who offer summer childcare services.  I think it is important to find a summer childcare-program service that does not require for children to be outside for most of the day. Maybe this would be a summer where you could include more participation or creative ideas from your child's/children's co-parent. As I often express, it is always best to co-parent to provide a sense of security to your child/children whenever possible.  Remember it's not about y'all, the adults, it's about productive child development.

Adults go through the same emotional stages just like children:

  • Shock, denial, or protest;
  • Bargaining;
  • Anger;
  • Depression (anger turned inward, self-anger); and, finally,
  • Understanding and coping.
Lastly, the warmest part of the day is not mid-morning, but around 4 p.m. (EST). So make sure that each person in your unique homestyle drinks more than 64 oz. of water (yes more than) each day! Take refresh breaks when working outdoors or in a non-a/c area.  Be considerate, have empathy, of loved ones or friends who work out in the heat.  Overall, plainly, if it's hot outside than it will be hotter in your form of transportation. Avoid leaving children or senior citizens in a car product that is parked directly in the sun.  Local, community, playground equipment will be hotter, too, which can cause major burns. It is great to sweat, but excessive sweating in not productive in our current climate: tanners, avoid using baby oil because it will clog your pores and make you feel even warmer (only use during winter months); wear open-ventilated shoe product whenever possible; wear loose-fitting clothing whenever possible; and, wash hair more frequently due to pollen and sweat even if a person of color.

This spring and summer I am wearing my mixed-race (black and Native American) hair natural, all summer long, to avoid overusing perms to force my hair into a straight texture (which it actually only does, anyway, in the autumn and winter).  I am not saying that I will wear it natural all the time, forever, but I will try such routine for this spring and summer. Have a great spring and summer, families in local communities!