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Sherlene Stevens: Christmas Gifts To Children of Color

Many families, who are people of color, do not celebrate Christmas in the U.S. During the Christmas-season, what should these parents say to their child(ren)? Or should they express their beliefs at all to their child(ren)? If so, when is a good age to discuss such beliefs?

Should communities become more sensitive to such faith-believing view-point? Should community schools, public schools, be forced to acknowledge all (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism)  faith-believing holidays? or none at all?

There are many faith-believing families who are teaching their child(ren) to understand --"It's not about the gifts, it's about the birth of Jesus our Lord and Saviour." Such families are teaching such specific morals or values in their unique home style. Why should others or neighbors care?

I, personally, care about said understanding (by young children) of such actions. Do you think these children secretly desire to have a few gifts--not necessarily all of the Christmas…
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Sherlene Stevens: Gay Married Men and Family-Centered Holidays

For many marriages, the holidays can be a burden to dysfunctional marital relationships. Did you know that most dysfunctional married-couples separate, during this time of year? Such data reveals that these couples tend to follow through with the formal divorce actions.

 There are many reasons as to why it is believed that couples struggle to remain married--just before and during traditional holidays. I have spoken to "many" straight married women who, let's blame it on the traditional holidays, complain of declines of spousal-bonding and productive emotions. Out of such discussions, these women truly believe the following actions are sure signs that believed straight-husbands may actually be gay or bisexual:

Such men refuse to take time out of their plans to be with their wife or immediate family or wife and child(ren). Such men plan quality time with their male friends instead of with the above mentioned.Such men whine that their wives spend too much time with their c…

Sherlene Stevens: Thanksgiving Food Prep Advice

These are just a few suggestions that I am sharing with you, your family or family business:

Do not use a potato that has a stem or leaves growing from it, is turning green, or is rotten. It may make you sick.Try cooking some items the day before. Store in fridge or in a non-heated room.How long have you had spices? sugars? salt? These items are preserved to last for years. Over time, however, they begin to lose their original flavor. You will know because it seems like you have to use more to get the taste that is familiar to you.To avoid pots boiling over put a wooden spoon on top of the pan, instead of a lid.Store milk- or butter-based dessert items in the fridge. You may also freeze most dessert items up to at least three months.Applesauce should be prepared and stored in the fridge until usage.Allow your turkey to thaw in the fridge or fill your kitchen sink with water and cover.Avoid placing food in direct sunlight or near a window.Sodas and prepared drinks can be placed in the …

Sherlene Stevens: Five Things To Do When Your Mate Doesn't Want Any Holiday Visitors

It's almost that festive time of year--again! This is the time of the year when friends and families visit each other's homes.  What do you do when your mate doesn't want any visitors for the approaching holidays?

Try This

Discuss with your mate your feelings;Choose a different place to meet up, and make it a tradition when it's your turn to host;Suggest you meet at their homes: take something special to share including the usual items;Meet the day before or after the traditional holiday; or, If necessary, apologize for your mate's attitude towards such festive occasion. Be sure to include your mate's name on all gifts that you give.  (Afterall, such gifts are still an expense out of your household's budget that both you and your mate share.) Happy holidays!

Sherlene Stevens: What To Do When You Don't Celebrate Halloween

The national day of Halloween is October 31, yearly.

Halloween has always been an interesting topic for faith-believers, and those who do not celebrates the festive season. What do you do when your neighbor(s) faithfully celebrate the day, but you don't?
Do not place any colors of red, orange-and-black, or black-and -white decor outside your unique home style;The day of Halloween, remove any outside decor or furniture to avoid tampering;The evening of Halloween, manually turn off your outside lighting; If trick-or-treaters come a knockin' simply don't answer the door. You may want to darken your lighting inside your home style, too;Do not call 911 for children simply having fun or being a little too noisey;  Check with your local town, some communities have a specific day and time for the event; If you work from home, you may want to plan your week accordingly; Lastly,If still feel uncomfortable with these suggestions, plan to go out for the day and evening. Plan ahead if y…

Sherlene Stevens: Medical Condition: The Hypnosis State

Have you ever allowed hypnosis to be performed on you?  I don't believe that you have to go to a skilled medical profession to become seduced by hypnosis. In fact, I don't believe that some people, who are hypnotized, desire to be under such medical condition at all.

Do you understand that each state and community has its own culture and identity? normalcy of citizen actions?  How is it possible that large groups of people can undergo hypnosis--at one time?  How is it possible that police are not seduced by the acts of hypnosis vs. politicians or the general public?  My goodness, we all know that it rains on the just as well as the unjust (the Holy Scriptures). So why would it not happen to police officers, too?! No, I think that hypnosis can happen to white officers, too.

I recall that one time my own maternal grandmother had gone to a local courthouse to complete a task, and then she didn't even remember doing it!  A maternal aunt had visited a local mall, and then she d…