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Sherlene: How Can An Old Book Discuss A New Book?

I was surprised to learn that today's older, Christian, religious leaders rarely discuss the Old Testaments--perhaps such leaders just assume individuals and families are familiar with the earlier collection of God's (and the holy Spirit's) words. Or, maybe it is the idea/belief that only Jews read the Old Testaments.

I believe that individuals and families should know and understand the earlier books of the Bible to fully understand the newer books; God's (and the Holy Spirit and Jesus, also) most current words. The newer books are simply additional comments or factual events of what was said in the older books--sort of reversing God's words, yet are just as true: true instructions for Christian faith believers.

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My Bible-study talk show (my faith-based community outreach of taking time out for devotion) recently completed the Book of Isaiah (King James Version): It is a lengthy book with …
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Sherlene: National Youth Art Month (March)

March in the year of 2018, youth, all across America, created a visual that will go down in history for its total participation count: "March For Our Lives" rally.

The rally showed "art", visual art, of expressing humanity's frustrations and sorrows of gun safety: young people, using the strength of their voices to create independent verbal expressions of "why" we must improve safety in local-community schools or too often referred to as public schools--as if such places are considered a part of buildings owned by any state's government or owned by the federal government. 
There have been a lot of school-building closures due to the decline of families having offsprings and, also, because of lack of state-government funding. 
From viewing the Washington, D.C., rally on TV what I actually saw displayed, for the television audience, is lack of true knowledge by the participants. To the point, ignorance of not fully understanding that there should n…

Sherlene: My Book Writing Experience

Recently, I read an article about legal actions against my publisher, Tate Publishing. The case will be heard in a court of law in a few months. The publishing company was owned by individuals who claimed to be of the Catholic faith. Two male individuals or owners have committed some very serious crimes, allegedly, according to the newsprint article that was shared with me.

As a former Tate author, who didn't receive fair publishing services, I tried to accomplish the tasks involved in writing my (first!) book. I had to edit my own work, within two days, to be on the publishing deadline provided to me because most of the staff quit and there was no replacements available. I had even inquired about job opportunities with the company. Due to all the work that I was doing on my own, one staff member even suggested that I pursue applying to the company. When I did so, I was told that they were not accepting virtual staff. They invited me to move closer to the company for such opportu…

Sherlene: National School Walkout Day

My response to the walkout of March 14, 2018--

I believe and support all students! In all sincerity, it had not been for my therapy, I would not have known that my job opportunity, for several years (at a local, public school in my hometown), was actually a fake public-school job relationship. -Sherlene

Sherlene Stevens: Every Person Has A Unique Sound

Every person appreciates when another says "Hello, I hear you. I hear your unique sound and I am going to help you to become or to pursue what you need to do to achieve in being the best you."

In other words, the person truly understands the specific goal objective of your unique skill/talent (the possibility of your unique sound). The person truly understands the specific talent that has been bestowed upon you. The person then becomes helpful to you or afraid of you.

Yes, all humans have a unique sound! 
Isn't it great to know that we each have a unique skill or talent? Is it not great to know that we don't have to be like another--we can be our unique selves? You just have to learn self-development of how to persuade another or a group without appearing to be too pushy (within the social traditions). You, also, must learn social-culture settings, and who to personally discuss your personal dreams and desires to. I believe that the challenge of knowing self is a uni…

Sherlene Stevens: "You're A Horrible Person"

Do you know how to go through the five phases of the emotional or feelings process?

Shock, denial, or protest;Bargaining;Anger (acting out);Depression (anger turned inward); and, lastly,Understanding and coping.
Have you ever called someone a horrible person? When you are ready, when you are finally able to express to another person your "frustration" of their unproductive actions or behavior, you are simply expressing to them that you need their help--emotionally. What you are actually saying to the person is that you need their help in dealing with a current, right-now situation. You need them to participate in your personal emotional process.
The horrible person, your abuser, is actually a learned behavior of dysfunctional actions--that have been allowed socially: You know that you can rely on the fact that the horrible person will continue to be in your life, no matter how odd of your connection with the horrible person. You can rely on the person's behavior and unex…