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Sherlene Stevens: What To Do When You Don't Celebrate Halloween

The national day of Halloween is October 31, yearly.

Halloween has always been an interesting topic for faith-believers, and those who do not celebrates the festive season. What do you do when your neighbor(s) faithfully celebrate the day, but you don't?
Do not place any colors of red, orange-and-black, or black-and -white decor outside your unique home style;The day of Halloween, remove any outside decor or furniture to avoid tampering;The evening of Halloween, manually turn off your outside lighting; If trick-or-treaters come a knockin' simply don't answer the door. You may want to darken your lighting inside your home style, too;Do not call 911 for children simply having fun or being a little too noisey;  Check with your local town, some communities have a specific day and time for the event; If you work from home, you may want to plan your week accordingly; Lastly,If still feel uncomfortable with these suggestions, plan to go out for the day and evening. Plan ahead if y…
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Sherlene Stevens: Medical Condition: The Hypnosis State

Have you ever allowed hypnosis to be performed on you?  I don't believe that you have to go to a skilled medical profession to become seduced by hypnosis. In fact, I don't believe that some people, who are hypnotized, desire to be under such medical condition at all.

Do you understand that each state and community has its own culture and identity? normalcy of citizen actions?  How is it possible that large groups of people can undergo hypnosis--at one time?  How is it possible that police are not seduced by the acts of hypnosis vs. politicians or the general public?  My goodness, we all know that it rains on the just as well as the unjust (the Holy Scriptures). So why would it not happen to police officers, too?! No, I think that hypnosis can happen to white officers, too.

I recall that one time my own maternal grandmother had gone to a local courthouse to complete a task, and then she didn't even remember doing it!  A maternal aunt had visited a local mall, and then she d…

Sherlene Stevens: Celebrities Pay to Work

What does it take to be a judge on the upcoming season series of American Idol? I heard they are looking for one more judge!  Do you enjoy working for several supervisors at once? How about your multi-tasking skills in receiving instructions from several different people all at one time? That is the lifestyle activities of our most favorite entertainers.

There are many people who would like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. For a person, who isn't disciplined, a celebrity employment contract can be very risky. The challenges can be harsh: It can actually ruin one's career, or keeps the working partnership going--no matter the dysfunction--to avoid financial penalties.

A typical employment contract demands consideration, before signing.  Can you imagine the responsibility of adhering to a celebrity's contract? There are so many internal and external staff that one deals with throughout the contract timeframe. Then there are the sponsors who have their own un…

Sherlene Stevens: Hurricane Relief "Help, I No Longer Have A Vehicle!''

Are you a recent weather-disaster victim who is now experiencing the loss of a personal or business vehicle? Of course, most of us know that riding the local, public-bus line is probably the most reliable transportation option. Here are a few more options that you may not have thought about for short- or long-term commuting.

I learned these commuting choices, after a divorce and relocation to more urban areas of our country. Get ready to purchase more comfortable shoes.  Every three - six months, you will be purchasing new casual/walking/athletic shoes. Runners' sneakers may or may not be the best shoe-option for you. And ladies, who work in  a professional office,  it may be a little awkward at first--especially if you've always worn heels or dress shoes. Carry them along with you inside of a utility tote bag or tote bag.
Here is my personal life-experience advice to you on commuting:
Going Shopping Don't want to ask a neighbor or family member? Advice: Get the UBER or Ly…

Sherlene Stevens: Hurricane Harvey Neighbor Help

UPDATE: Hurricane Irma is a very challenging storm, category 5 winds and rain. It expands over 400 miles, and is defined as the biggest storm on U.S. record. Florida families are preparing to evacuate. Most schools are now closed until further notice.  Pop-up shelters are needed. Shelter facilities' main goal is to provide the very basic of human needs and wants.It is suggested that families stay at a hotel/motel, with family, or friends.

All families are advised to take picture of important documents.  Whenever possible, during picture taking, create duplicate pics. Store a set of pics in a waterproof or fireproof container or area.

Neighbor o' Neighbor--

Let's help in an organized and productive fashion: What's needed? Who's going? When are they going? Where is the drop-off point(s)?

From the many social-media posts that I have seen, there are many neighbors, all around the country, who are willing to provide donations and manpower. Before we all get excited, giv…

Sherlene Stevens: Where Is This Education Taking Me

It's Back-To-School Time for most students. Hashtag #WhereIsThisEducationTakingMe is my current hosted social theme (8/22-9/22).

Local governments and communities, of the U.S., are debating the pros and cons of the public-school and college-brand models (private and state colleges). In my opinion, all school models should have adequate heating and cooling. Not every old-school building has proper insulation. This means that we have school-buildings that are more challenging to heat and cool: more expensive to keep open than building energy-efficient schools. There is also the issue of the decline of young families in our local communities. Millennials aren't producing large families like many of us grew up in.  I guess the decline is mainly due to familiarity of such experiences. Experiences that many would say was a little dysfunctional growing up in such a big household.

"Is the charter-school model more productive than the public-school?"

"Which school model …