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Sherlene Stevens: "You're A Horrible Person"

Do you know how to go through the five phases of the emotional or feelings process?

Shock, denial, or protest;Bargaining;Anger (acting out);Depression (anger turned inward); and, lastly,Understanding and coping.
Have you ever called someone a horrible person? When you are ready, when you are finally able to express to another person your "frustration" of their unproductive actions or behavior, you are simply expressing to them that you need their help--emotionally. What you are actually saying to the person is that you need their help in dealing with a current, right-now situation. You need them to participate in your personal emotional process.
The horrible person, your abuser, is actually a learned behavior of dysfunctional actions--that have been allowed socially: You know that you can rely on the fact that the horrible person will continue to be in your life, no matter how odd of your connection with the horrible person. You can rely on the person's behavior and unex…
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Sherlene Stevens: The 'No" [A] Good Man Named Jesus

Do you believe that Jesus was perfect within the earth realm? Jesus was the only begotten son of God, yes. He was also a male with human characteristics just like you and me; he had flaws just like you and me.

The Holy Bible reveals to us that God describes all of his human beings as having flaws and weaknesses. So don't you be afraid of your realities of your imperfect ways. We are human creatures that have an unending desire for more to simply satisfy or fulfill us. This would include Jesus in his humanistic flesh. This would include the reality that Jesus could never be totally perfect here: He came to redeem us from our sins, and to feel and understand human feelings and actions--to help us survive in flesh, and soul or spirit.
    Jesus was a man with desires, wants and needs.
The two-person (God and Holy Spirit) are not able to truly understand what it's like to be a human because both are the spirit. Yet, God gave us Jesus to explain--to him--humankind's fears, act…

Sherlene Stevens: Oprah Winfrey, Which Type of Woman Are You?

Dear Ms. Oprah:

I understand that you may be considering running for president in 2020. I would like to explain why it would take a lot for me to vote for a female presidential candidate (other than myself).

I am apologetic in saying, sincerely, that I rarely watched your TV show because I was too busy focusing on my ambitions. Over the years, however, I have watched your presentation as a role model for females in our country and globally. I do not know you personally, but our career paths have been a little similar. I have been the first to accomplish a lot, too.

For a rural-town girl of Maryland's Eastern Shore (my father is originally from the south), I was the first to complete a bachelor's degree in my immediate family (I wanted to become a public-school or community basic-school teacher.) In my younger years in elementary school, immediately after being in school all day, I would come home and line up my dolls (all races and genders, young and adult-age) and place them…

Sherlene Stevens : I've Learned There Are Many Uses For Unused Christmas Wrapping Paper

Now that another Christmas season has ended, I am taking down my tree.  I realize, now,  that I still have Christmas-themed wrapping paper that hasn't been used. Do you? I realize that perhaps such recycling usages are limitless. Here are five suggestions for unused Christmas-season wrapping paper that I have learned, over the years:

Fill in those drafty spaces around the window sills, or door seals.Wrap cords, lights, or string around a wrapping paper-roll holder.Use as a liner in your cabinet or dresser drawers.Save and use to wrap dishes or glasses to protect them when storing or relocating.Stuff inside puffball homestyle curtains.

Sherlene Stevens: Parents, Five Tips When-- "Enough With The Uploads On Social Media"

Kids and millenials love to place pictures and post videos on their social-media choices. They are encouraged to use such popular tech-trends at school. Today's youth want to participate socialization. They want to share images of productive family-bonding.

So what's the problem?! No problem until . . . little David shares a picture of Mommy cooking dinner in her bra and panties, or Dad in his man-cave watching TV with interesting sounds of actors being heard.

When posting uploads invade privacy of parents or adults, kids may be sternly told,

                "Enough with posting our family pictures  on Facebook [mostly used by global families]. Take it down!"
Parents/Guardians, here are a few suggestions for those pictures or videos captured at the wrong moment:

Until you have set household rules of when and what may be posted, no scolding. Have you ever considered that your parenting style is different than other parents? Why?A love child? ... An affair? ... A doubl…

Sherlene Stevens: Christmas Gifts To Children of Color

Many families, who are people of color, do not celebrate Christmas in the U.S. During the Christmas-season, what should these parents say to their child(ren)? Or should they express their beliefs at all to their child(ren)? If so, when is a good age to discuss such beliefs?

Should communities become more sensitive to such faith-believing view-point? Should community schools, public schools, be forced to acknowledge all (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhism)  faith-believing holidays? or none at all?

There are many faith-believing families who are teaching their child(ren) to understand --"It's not about the gifts, it's about the birth of Jesus our Lord and Saviour." Such families are teaching such specific morals or values in their unique home style. Why should others or neighbors care?

I, personally, care about said understanding (by young children) of such actions. Do you think these children secretly desire to have a few gifts--not necessarily all of the Christmas…