Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Receiving is Prosperity

Continuing on the discussion of my hosted theme of December Family Holiday Traditions, did your home style take part in acknowledging the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 6th)? The Epiphany is a faith-based celebration of the travels of the three kings, who received godly wisdom of the announcement of Jesus's birth. They traveled, from great distances, to present their finest gifts to a baby--their king, our king, and the king of all kings. The king of all rulers and leaders (past, current, and future) within the earth realm.

As a prosperity non-ordained clergy, you will often hear or read my phrase
                               "You must receive in order to give."
It took a lot of challenges for me to understand this concept or thought. It was only until I read a similar passage in detailed story form, within the Holy Bible, that I received true meaning of my own unique dysfunction. I finally grasped the understanding! I truly believe that I received the actions of what's labeled godly wisdom. Otherwise, my Bible study time would have meant nothing of value to what I was experiencing. I had knowledge to understand that my activity history of giving had declined to the point of thinking it was of total dysfunction; thoughts that I would never be able to give a blessing to another ever again because of the negativity of lacking financially because of others' dysfunctions and habits. I couldn't tell them that they were wrong in their doing even if  I used all all of my known ambitions. That's what I did; that's my dysfunction that I must take credit for in such life experiences.

I couldn't understand of why my forward-thinking approach wasn't working lately..Finally, I was able to understand my own personal and sincere actions of wanting to give productive blessings to others: If one hasn't first received, how can one give of one's time, talents, or blessings (aka wealth)?

I'll give you an example--A homeless person has finally achieved having a consistent home style, after struggling and trying for a great amount of unproductive lengths of time.Such wealth, in a given category, doesn't mean that the realization is that the individual will never need of anything again. I, personally, believe after you have been receiving (blessing) and receiving and receiving (in a given category) from others that you simply just want to give something back to another who may be lacking. How to give? What to give? is easy. "Who to give to" is the ultimate challenge that many people do not have the knowlege to fully understand of such actions our humanly actions. Have you ever seen or heard of people winning something or been given something to discover that their habits cause them to not be fully satisfied, or fully accepting of their wealth? Some would even go so far in expressing that they would like to be in that person's shoes? Never, never, wish to be in another's shoes (remember you never know what happens behind closed home style doors).

A receiver must have knowledge of giving away their wealth. The homeless person  who gives wealth to another may be thinking that they know how their receiver is feeling because they have gone through a similar experience. Without thinking of all concepts of giving, one could be giving to someone who has had a generational dysfunction of lacking (in a category)--no matter how discipline the person is, how educated the person is, or how physically healthy the person is. ... There are people, in this country, that simply can not be consistent in their daily or short term/long term lifestyle goals and aspirations.

Or can they overcome with advice and actions from another? By individuals who give--help--like the three wise kings who came not truly from their own desires to baby Jesus, but individuals who were led and instructed by the Holy Trinity of God  Notice how it wasn't just one individual. It was two or three who had gathered in the name of the Holy Trinity of God.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sherlene Stevens: Holiday Dinner After You've Lost a Loved One

On October 1, 2016, my grandmother passed away.  So my immediate maternal family decided we should all give up our own planned goals for Christmas to unite to have one memorial dinner to celebrate and remember mother and grandmother, and to be with stepfather or step grandfather (grandchildren, great grandchildren) on Christmas day. 

As many of you know I am a biological co-parent of four kids (3 daughters and 1 son): it ain't easy.  In fact, as the years go along, it has been a little more challenging then we thought it would be in dividing time with all the maternal and parternal family sets. Both family sets are active in family gatherings for birthdays, holidays, etc.  My children have now learned how to label and identify the fun habits or traditions of both maternal and paternal sets.  As they become older, they are making choices to do or not to do... 

As we sacrificed our time--a memorial dinner--I noticed that
  • There were no arguments about who would sit where. We were mostly quiet while silently wondering about this new experience.
  • In fact, we didn't have one challenging conversation the entire time. OMG!
  • We missed hearing my grandmother complain--about having all of us over in such a small area of home-style space as she often did, or the verbal action of to many people trying to talk to her at one time (the grand kids repeating "Mom-Mom" over and over again, or touching some new home decor without asking). She would say, "Whaaattttt or Damn  ..." 
  • We actually were more at peace and found the meal very pleasant. 
  • We dined in the family room while my step grandfather remained in the living room watching television, as he always did. 
  • We didn't have anyone leading the activities of the dinner. Everyone did there own thing. Advice: There should be some type of outline of what to anticipate before and after the meal.  
  • After the dinner, it would have been nice if we ended quality family time by all going to her grave, or adding something special to her most favorite time of the year "to just be and share with family and friends".
And isn't that the main point of Christmas (the actions of Jesus) to just be and share with family, friends, and true like-minded faith believers?

Sadly, we have learned a new tradition, a new first, for our family holiday traditions of how to gather without the ones we loved.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: What Does Jesus's Church Mean To Me

If we are going to celebrate Christmas as a national holiday, doesn't that mean that we are taking actions of recognizing the part about the so-called no-good, the--No, A GOOD--man named Jesus being born within the earth realm? So if Jesus is the reason for the representation of the national holiday, doesn't that mean that we should be able to reference "him" by whatever faith-based name (Jesus, Yahweh, Isa) within public venues when expressing the traditional December holiday (including public school venues and public school music concerts and plays)?! Just a faith-based or scientific hypnotic trance, just a thought, that's all....

"The wise get their inventory
 when they need it; 
Fools get what they need
                                      before they really need or use it." -Sherlene (Dec. 2016)

In the idea of Jesus, are we also to recognize the mission and vision of his church? I would say that everyone seems to understand the mission of Christianity--to save the lost and give to those, by charity, who are lacking. The main challenge, however, is defining the actions of what a modern church does and the role of its faith believers. Are today's churches turning "towards" or "away" from his true vision or purpose of the church?

As part of my community outreach and sharing of my faith with like-minded individuals, I have founded God In Christ's Purpose Assembly--a Christian-based religious organization:
  • Most Christians believe that Jesus (aka., Jesus Christ, Messiah, Yahweh, Isa, Lord, Lord and Saviour) came to heal the sick and raise the dead (dead meaning unproductive human activities or one who doesn't fully participate as a productive citizen). [Scripture text]
This means to me, when participating as a leader of my faith-based outreach,  I am to provide ways of healing hurts and helping people to be productive in their personal and family-devotion self worth. Such actions can only be achieved by referencing the scriptures of the Holy Bible as validation of what we should strive to do as Christian faith believers.
  • Jesus's goal was to save mankind for infinite timeframe. So he went up to heaven, and God and Jesus instructed the Holy Spirit in its job description of his church: a task of coming down to earth and, also, to come up to heaven to guide humankind (childrenkind, womankind, and mankind), faith believers.
 If I am to acknowledge the real vision of  Jesus's church, I must, also, identify him as the Three-Person (God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus).
  • Though each being of the Holy Trinity of God are totally different--yet are one.

In my opinion this means the same of defining us, people. As stated, as a leader of my own community outreach, I must recognize the importance of seeing "individuals" within family sets, and not "family sets" as the individual. Example: One can have several businesses that unite the purpose of participating in business actions, but each business has a different purpose for its actions. 

Lastly, Jesus was a part of heaven and a part of earth; that didn't really make him very different from others of God's chosen people. There were others who did the same. What Jesus was able to do differently was the ability by God and the Holy Spirit to enter and exit hell. That makes Jesus different than any other human. That makes him Christ. And Christ is the one who has given us several gifts including his mission of what we call church. 

How excellent is our one and true living God--the Holy Trinity of God! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sherlene Stevens: O Christmas Tree (The Real Ones)

It has been said that the cutting down of American trees, over time, by early European settlers, is nature's equivalent of punishment to us by creating today's global warming.--similar slaughter-like actions of Eve who ate from the Tree of Good and Evil (King James Version, Holy Bible).

Due to the lack of rain, this year has been particularly harsh on nature's trees which become our decorative trees at our unique home styles.

Real Tree Safety Tips  (Better Homes and Gardens, B. Thorkelson, December 2016) Copied without correction.
  • Needles should be green and should flex when you bend them. Does the tree shed needles, when you touch or grab it?
  • Shake the tree before you have it wrapped (baled process is important to prevent wind damage to the tree).
  • Make sure that your tree stand holds at least a gallon of water.  Wow!, so imagine how much rain one tree needs in a week People need water and so do trees.
  • Try to avoid placing the tree near a heat source whether a heat vent or heat source.
Added tips
  • Never leave your lights on for too long without checking them.
  • Avoid having your live tree in your home style for more than two weeks. Discard, discard, DISCARD.
  • Try creative ways in recycling your real tree.
  • Create or buy a new ornament each year. Idea: A family-bonding moment.
  • Avoid stuffing a tall tree directly under a light or ceiling-fan fixture.
  • Most international families have December cultural traditions on various days throughout December. Others have festive holiday traditions, during the month of January. I actually complete December's holiday topics and theme on the third Saturday of January, yearly.