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Household Shopping Tips that Really Work

May is my hosted theme of Women Appreciation Month. Ladies, I welcome you to participate and know that I "appreciate" each one of you. For more info,

  1. We all know that we should have out a little shopping list when visiting our local stores.  You can also create a future shopping list for meals, holidays, sales, etc. 
  2. Do you have a store card where you shop the most? A store card normally offers special deals whether you shop at your local store or online. 
  3. Do you purchase your weekly newspaper? Often your local paper will have coupons and weekly sale flyers to prepare you shopping list.
  4. Shop around or review several sale flyers before making your buying decisions.
  5. Sample generic products when they are on sale. They tend to be 20% cheaper than popular brands. If you like, you just found a cheaper product that will save you money to spend on something else for your unique household. Just make sure that you are not dropping a popular brand that your family helps out such as your favorite national or local school organization.
  6. Pricey things really do come in small packaging: purchase large quantity sizes whenever possible.
  7. The more that you can do for self the more affordable store products will be for your unique household.
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Coupon saving websites
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